Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thing # 11

This is a great tool to use for book clubs or book talks. I liked that I could chat with other fellow librarians about books and get their opinions on them. I would have to save the site to my favorites list schedule it along with the many other sites to periodically check back with.

Thing #10

I wish I had more time to play! I couldn't decide which card I wanted to use. Message generator really was a blast.

Thing # 9

How Cute! I searched "Library2Play" and "Spring Branch ISD" and was surprised to see some of blogs from this class. This activity has truely been a big hit to all involved. I was intrigued with the blogs on Technorati. I didn't really care much for Syndic8. I was not sure as to what I was looking at or looking for. This seemed like a waste of searching time.

Thing # 8

I can put all of my interesting sites in one place. This cuts down on the need to search for news or important events. I like that I could select & save only the sites that were of interest to me. Whether it be local news or the latest reviews of new books, I can keep it all in one location.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thing #7

I enjoyed the iGoogle and the Google calendar. I even set one up relating to things that are of interest to me. News, weather, and celebrity news. I need a calendar to help me figure the days of the week. I like how I can save it to my laptop and always be current with important events.

Thing #6

I checked out the flickr website and found this to be an awesome place to find and share photos. I will recommend this site to my teachers. I liked the trading card site. I made one of my baby when we first brought him home. This was really fun.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Thing # 5

Flickr reminds me of Facebook. It seems like it is the same thing but with photos that others can interact with and borrow but with respect of giving credit to the original owner.